Best night of your week

Tuesdays 8:08

Best night of your week!

Every Tuesday night we will gather ​ together as a community. We will sing our hearts out, laugh until our ​ stomachs hurt, play like we are kids again and hear an amazing message ​ about how much God loves us. You will also circle up with your Community Group during this time to share what is going on in your life and to discuss the talk.

See detailed schedule below:



1st - 8:08 PM ​

8th - 8:08 PM

15th - off for Fall Break

22nd - off for Homecoming

29th - 8:08 PM


5th - 8:08 PM

12th - 8:08 PM ​

19th - 8:08 PM


3rd - 8:08 PM

All college-age folks are encouraged to join us on Tuesdays regardless of background of faith, ethnicity, or gender identity.

Your college years matter

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