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What are your summer plans?

Summer Staff

What is Summer Staff?​ Once in a lifetime opportunity to serve on a Young Life property for three to four weeks this summer. ​ ​

Why should I consider this?Because you will grow more in your relationship with God than you ever have before. You will build lifelong friendships with college students all over the country. You will live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You will be trained, equipped, and loved for a life of ministry by Young Life’s finest staff members. ​ ​

What does it cost?​ It does not cost you anything. Once you arrive all of your food and lodging is paid for by Young Life. You will be responsible for your own travel expenses, however, most of the time Summer Staff find ways to carpool in order to save on gas money. There are also partial scholarships available for travel costs. ​ ​ ​

What will it look like?​ You will work hard and you will play hard. You will live in community with college students from all over the country and be discipled by your Summer Staff Coordinators, which includes a daily devotional. You will be on a team that serves middle and high school students and their leaders that come to camp. Summer Staff jobs include the ropes course, kitchen, bikes, snack bar, camp store, etc. Each team will have a Camp Intern who will be there to help equip you in your job and care for you spiritually. Some evenings you will need to set up for camp parties and other evenings you will be having parties of your own! ​ ​

Who can apply?​ Anyone that desires to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and serve others. You do not need to be a Young Life leader. ​ ​ ​

How do I apply?​ Glad you asked…If you are interested go ahead and apply! Just because you apply does not mean that you will be placed on the Summer Staff nor does applying make you obligated to fulfill a position. ​ ​ ​

Here is how the process works: ​

1. Click on the register button below

2. Enter your name, your email, and staff member email address, kbrunning@gmail.com​ and our Area number which is “KS121”.

3. You will receive an email with a link to the application. Take your time and thoroughly fill out the application. ​

4. Staff member will fill out your recommendation and your application will be submitted.

5. Keep your summer calendar open, especially for the available dates you specified.

6. You will likely hear something after spring break. ​

Justin's Story

​ "My freshmen year I moved from out of state to attend Washburn. The first people I met on campus were involved with Young Life. Before they invited me to even come to one of their events they invited me to be their friend. Over the course of that year we became more than friends, we have become family."

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